Bella, 36 ans., Russie, Moscou
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Taux de réponse: 3%
Renseignements principaux
Prénom: Bella
Age: 36
Lieu: Russie, Moscou
Signe du Zodiaque: Vierge
Poids: 54kg
Taille: 178cm
Couleur des yeux: Vert
Couleur des cheveux: Blond
Morphologie: Mince
Avec quelle fréquence fumez-vous?: Jamais
Avec quelle fréquence buvez vous?: Occasionnellement (socialement)
Avec informations:
Vérification du téléphone
Anglais 4 (Bon niveau général)
Etat civil: Célibataire
Vos priorités dans la vie:
Fonder une famille, relations durables
Bonheur / bien être
Expression personnelle artistique
Croissance spirituelle
Education: Diplôme d'études supérieures
Quelle religion pratiquez-vous?: Orthodoxe
Age: 36 - 49
Taille: 178 - 211 cm
Morphologie: Mince, Musclé, Athlétique
Fume: Jamais
Boissons: Occasionnellement (socialement)

Réponses à quelques questions

Comment vous décririez-vous?
«Dreams are like stars...you may never touch them,
but if you follow them they will lead you to your destiny.»

«Who loves with heart
and not with tongue, he is richer in feelings.»

I wanted to start with these two quotes,
the first quote represents for me our ambitions
and aspirations - there is always room to grow.

The second quote represents for me the importance
of human actions superior to words.

Time is our final resource, and when we say “yes” to
something, we inevitably say “no” to something else.

For me, this means the ability to correctly find and set

Next, I will try to help you to understand me)

Who am I ?
Life observer, enthusiast, adorer of aesthetics, fashion,
art, travels. I am an ocean in my soul, which is infinitely deep, it has
many colors, life, hopes, aspirations, all-consuming love and passion,
I can envelop and bestow my best resources.
Everything that destroys me, I will throw ashore.
Everything that inspires me, exalts me, allows me to be better,
I will cherish and ride with my waves sincere love, tenderness and feelings.

What are my interests?
It seemed to me in the world there are no things that
would not interest me, there is always something new that can be learned
and gained from this new skills and have a pleasure.I really like everything
related to art and design, architecture, science, history, geography, biography, technology,
the abilities of the human brain and body, music, reading a variety of literature.
There is also something that will always be important for me - maintaining a healthy lifestyle - in thoughts,
actions, choosing food, doing sports, taking care of my body and appearance,
observing the appearance in choosing clothes, attention to a good perfume.
For me personal space, purity and beauty of this space will always be important.

Why am I on the site?
First of all, I would very much like to meet my soul mate
in every sense of the word.

Who is he Man of my dreams?
The man of my dreams leads a healthy lifestyle, plays sports, is successful,
he knows how to take care of his woman, ambitious (there is always room to grow in every area of our lives).
He is wise, calm, noble, educated, with a sense of humor, a foodie who has comprehended life,
has learned all the lessons, made conclusions and is now ready to come from his best
motives and be the best version of himself.

What degree of affection do I expect?
The kinship of our souls, relationships for love, friendship
and family.

Should he want children or be family oriented?
Yes, a man should be family oriented. Wishing children,
but not fixated.The desire to have a baby should come more from me.

Should he be religious?
He can believe in God, religious, but in moderation.

Does it matter to me whether he was married, does he
have children?
Yes, it matters. Only a free man, preferably without children.
I can consider a man with children, if they are already
adults, have their own personal interests and have their own
place to live. A man may be divorced or a widower.

Can I adjust to the plans of the man whom I choose?
If we understand that we are soul mates and want to be
together, then he will see support on my part and my willingness
to adapt to part of his plans.
Comment décririez-vous votre partenaire idéal?
Reliable friend and life partner.
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